• 2 Zero not just café !

    A rainy cold morning, bed is such a warm paradise that every part of our bodies refuses to leave no matter how much our brains tell them to. And with all our might for work, when we finally are able to get out of the bed, a hot coffee is such a great way to reward ourselves and start a new day.
    A muggy hot summer noon, the sun is crazily pouring all its heat on everyone in the streets. Having to wear a helmet and dust-preventer-masks in such a weather, our throats crave for a cold coffee.
    That's how coffee has become a part of our lives. It has become a routine, an interest that we no longer question why we are even drinking.

    However, what will happen if we drink more than three cups of coffee a day? Caffeine accelerates heart beats and taking over three cups of coffee will put the heart into a sprint.  Black coffee alone contains 12% lipid (fat). If we work with the computer often and drink a lot of coffee, our belly size will certainly increase. The high concentration of caffein in blood will increase blood pressure, atherosclerosis and harms our nerves, not to mention the aging will occur more quickly.

    So what should we do when we have to treat too many guests drinking coffee in a day, when the sleepy refuses to leave, when the inspiration has dried up and the creative mind has also gone away? We still have to seek to it. Then we get used to it. Coffee has become such a habit that we can no longer give up.
    That is not right anymore! You won't have to endure any longer. A very new and unique coffee product has been born that you can be assured about its quality and safety. Drinking plenty of coffee while the heart is still healthy and the belly is still slim. That is COFFE 2 ZERO! But before talking more in details about 2 Zero, let me tell you two short stories.

    First story.

    Have you ever heard of  "Fiber vitan 1"? That is a kind of natural fiber which are extracted from white and odorless plants. Fiber is essential for our bodies in the following ways:
    • Reduce cholesterol: During fermenting in the intestine, soluble fiber vitan1 will produce short-circuit generated acids such as acetic, propionic, butyric... which reduce and prevent the producing of cholesterol on livers. On the other hand, soluble fiber vitan also absorbs cholesterol of intestine and excretes them to outside, helps reduce cholesterol rate in the blood, defend against atherosclerosis, make the blood circulation better and assit the heart.
    • Anti-constipation: When moved into the intestine, fiber vitan 1 will increase the fermentation of helpful microbial systems, especially Lactobacillus and Bifidus. Simultaneously, soluble fiber vitan will osmosis water to expand to help increase the volume of waste residue, stimulate peristalsis of small and  large intestine squeeze strength, increase the excretion and help defend against constipation effectively.
    • Preventing obesity: The system is fermented by intestinal microorganisms, soluble fiber vitan born a very low energy 1kcal / g, but still sure a full sense which rely on expansion possibility when osmosis water, otherwise the sweet level is almost zero so it does not cause fat to accumulate in fatty tissues, thus bringing highly effective for preventing obesity.

    Besides that effects, the fermentation of soluble fiber in the intestine also support the absorption of calcium effectively. Producing more butyrate – the important energy source of the body and immune cells, as well as IgA antibodies in the intestine, help prevent the growth of bacteria which cause intestine pathogens.

    For diabetics or high sugar blood patients, fiber vitan with low blood sugar index GI = 4% and the sweet is nearly zero help regulate the process of absorption of blood sugar and prenent sudden sugar rise in blood after eating, help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

    With all that effects, maintaining an reasonable supplement of soluble fiber vitan reasonably will create an equilibrium state for health, bring us comfortable feelings to enjoy a better life.

    And the second story.

    Have you  seen traces of time on our skin and other people, especially over-60 year-old men and women. Our fresh, strong, pinky and smooth skin has gone away and left behind a distorted, gray and full of wrinkles skin. Why do people’s changes become so scaring when getting older? Cause of all those is that most of collagen under our skin has been lost over time naturally.

    But what is collagen?

    Collagen is a protein that are 25% of total protein in the human body, of which main function is to connect the tissues in the body together. Scientists often compare them with an adhesive which connect parts of the body into a complete block, without them the human body will only is discrete parts. This alone show the importance of collagen for human life. For skin, it is not only associated with connecting tasks but also creating resilient. Our face skin can dilate when laughing, talking or lifting eyes and skin will return the normal state as these activities stopped thanks to the movement of muscles and elasticity of the skin.

    Thus, the magic of collagen is that they not only affect the life and the existence of the human body but also be the most important factor of skin determining the youth or eld of age.

    The supplement of collagen to the body in order to combat aging and heal skin hurt lesions that have been practised in medical and aesthetic medicine.

    Collagen restoration treatment: often used in cases of skin lesions  or in the reconstruction period after treating burnt skin, acne, scars, coral skin and disappear excess skin after fat reduction, and can treat the cracks due to weight gain or pregnancy.
    Treatment with Collagen Rejuvenation: 25% are used for women from the age of 35 begining to show signs of aging. Collagen has the ability to remove shallow wrinkles, improve and obscure the deep wrinkles of age, restore resilience of skin naturally, prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin, promote rejuvenation of cells with mechanism of nature.

    Most of the pure collagen products are extracted directly from the skin of animals, or more, there are several types of collagen extracted directly from the human body. Therefore, they absolutely have no chemicals or toxins, fully compatible with the human body without worrying about excreting or eliminating. People of all ages can use collagen because of the natural nutrients.

    Collagen is often put into the skin by using three main methods:
    • Apply to the skin and through the impact of electrical impulse technology or light to press them deep to the treated skin.
    • Inject to the skin directly.
    • Through food.

    Three methods are very secure, there are no side effects so everyone can use.

    That is a second story, and now it's time to tell you about coffee 2 Zero.

    2 Zero not just café!

    2 Zero is a great product with a unique, smart and creative combination of the most tasteful coffee in Vietnam and collagen and the fiber vitan 1 which will help protect cardiovascular and digestive system, eliminate side effects of coffee, help you supplyment the body with  fiber and collagen naturally and regularly every day. You will be healthier, more beautiful and more youthful with 2 Zero after each cup of coffee. Thus from now on, in spite of drinking more coffee, our heart and stomach are still strong and our belly is still slim.

    2 Zero Coffee has product lines for dietary, using sugar Isomalt completely refined  from sugar beets. With natural ingredients, sugar Isomalt has very low blood sugar index Glycemic Index = 2 helps reduce the risk of diabetes, reduce blood fat, reduce calories, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also help prevent tooth decay effectly, specially neccessary for diet people, obesity people and diabetics.

    With all the features on nutrition, 2 Zero coffee is not only coffee but also a neccessary nutrient drinking for all people in the modern trend of the world – supplyment healthy and natural nutrients to the body.

    Moreover, 2 Zero coffee, which is extracted from the finest coffee beans in Vietnam, will give you the cheery feeling with twice as strong taste as normal coffee. 2 Zero, the first time in the history of coffee, subvert the preconception that filter coffee is always better than instant coffee. Sip a little coffee 2 Zero to enjoy the delicious taste on your mouth. Mild sweetness and strong taste of 2 Zero will take you to inspried feel and gentle fragrance of 2 Zero will radiate from your fragrance breath. First love feeling is only just so beautiful.

    2 Zero is a really spectacular breakthrough; a new route openning an adventure landmark full of fun and fascination of our coffee-appreciation art.

    After 2 Zero, coffee will forever be no longer the same ...

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